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Global Connectivity

Child Angel can connect anywhere in the world giving you added confidence when you’re away from home.

Intel Inside

Child Angel is the first wearable tech with Intel Technology.


Child Angel can find your child wherever they are. Using a mix of GPS, Wi-Fi, BLE & GSM to provide the most accurate location information.

Child Angel App

Our App. enables you to view your child’s movements through your smartphone by downloading the free Child Angel App software.

Alarmed Strap

Complete with a unique alarmed strap, Child Angel automatically sends a message to a paired device should the strap be undone.

Long Battery Life

Dependant on usage, Child Angel can remain on for up to 48 hours and is recharged through a convenient micro-USB.

Portable & Lighweight

Splash, sand and sticky proof. Child Angel can go wherever your child wants to.

Smartphone/Tablet Compatible

With your smartphone/tablet, you can download our free Child Angel App from either the Appstore (for Apple iOS) or Google Play (for Android).

Health Features

Measure daily activity levels and provides information including distance the child has covered and calories used.


Powered By Intel

We are very excited to announce that Child Angel will be powered by Intel, announced November 3rd, 2015 at the Intel IoT Day in San Francisco.

Keep checking back here for more exciting updates.

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Child Centred Design

Brilliantly designed with kids in mind, the Child Angel Locator device is packed with the latest technology to provide best-in-class child locating services.

  • Available in variety of colour options.
  • Comfortable for your child wrist.
  • Wide range of designs.
  • High quality material used.


Advance GPS Locator

Child Angel can find your child wherever they are. Using a mix of GPS, Wi-Fi & GSM to provide the most accurate location information.

  • voice commands
  • quick navigation
  • friendly interface for all
  • tooltips for first start


How it works

Child Angel can find your child wherever they are. Using a mix of GPS, Wi-Fi, BLE & GSM to provide the most accurate location information.

why our app

Open the App to see at a glance the location of where your loved one is. Should your child undo the Child Angel alarmed strap- the App will notify you that the device has been removed and provide a last known location.

Create your own safe zone

Create your own safe zones with the Child Angel App Geo-fence feature to trigger receive alerts whenever the Child Angel GPS Tracker enters or exits those areas. Child Angel allows you to save preset safe areas e.g.  for home, school or the park and then share with the family. Additionally the Child Angel App is unique in that it allows for a moving Geo fence.


The Child Angel design includes an alarmed strap that is designed to give parents extra peace of mind knowing their child can contact them in an emergency. Should the strap be undone, Child Angel sends an alert to a paired smartphone device to advise it that the strap has been released.


  • Such a great idea, I can totally see the need for this product – particularly in giving a parent the confidence to let their children run free at a Theme Park or when away on holiday. We love the child friendly design and look forward to receiving our Child Angel soon. Sally J.

  • GPS bracelets. Wish this technology was around when my children were little. The nightmare when a child disappears the split second you take your eyes off them never goes away! Luckily it's usually only minutes....but seems like hours at the time!!
    Sue G


Child Angel is one of the smallest and most advanced child tracking devices available in the world today. The product of extensive research and development, Child Angel provides safe and stable location monitoring by combining GPS, Wi-Fi, BLE & GSM hot-spot triangulation technologies.