New Consumer Electronics that Could Shape the Way You Travel

by CA for child safety

Child Angel

Kids get lost, especially in unfamiliar places where they (and their grown-ups) might get distracted. Traveling to new, crowded places can be especially bewildering, so a few English parents got together to invent a new type of bracelet that tracks your child’s whereabouts. An app shows you a map where your child can be found. It combines several tracking technologies (GPS, Wi-Fi and GSM), meaning your can pinpoint a location down to a few feet no matter where you go.
The second trick was making something that kids would want to wear. Snap-on designs allow them to wear the design they choose.
The last trick was to allow it to work even if it’s removed. If the strap is undone, Child Angel beams an alert to the parent’s smartphone along with a map showing precisely where to find them. ┬áThat means your kid can signal you simply by unbuckling the bracelet.
The units, which will be on sale in the spring of 2014, cost $190 and come with a charging cradle, and then the service costs $8 a month. That includes the ability to create an area on a map where they’re permitted to roam, and if they stray outside the area, you instantly receive an alert.